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Plover User Guide

This part of the documentation describes how to install and use the Plover compiler.

Table of Contents


First, install the Haskell Platform (recommended) or another GHC 7.10+ toolchain of your choice.

Check out the plover source:

$ git clone
$ cd plover

Next, create a cabal sandbox. This keeps any dependencies isolated so you don't have to worry about conflicts with other versions you may have on your system.

$ cabal sandbox init

Install the dependencies into the sandbox:

$ cabal install --only-dependencies --enable-tests

Run the test suite (requires gcc):

$ cabal test --show-details=streaming


Plover may be used both as a traditional compilation pass or by using Haskell as a macro language.

For help,

$ plover -h

Compiler options

There are options to the compiler, which you may discover with

$ plover -h